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Skull & Crossbones have dedicated themselves to traditional heavy metal. The 4 ex-Stormwitch musicians pick up where they left off. With the new singer Tobi Hübner (ex-Forensick, The Woodpeckers...) they start a new beginning and will stay true to their roots and also allow new influences to work their way. The debut album “Sungazer” was released in September 2023. Bass player Jürgen "Wanschi" Wannenwetsch is a founding member of the band Stormwitch. Drummer Marc Oppold is also no stranger. From 2002 to 2004 he was already involved in the albums "Witchcraft" and "Dance with the Witches". He is also active at Tyrant. With Volker Schmietow, who released two albums with Late Nite Romeo in the 90s, and Tobi Kipp, there are two great guitarists on board. What happens live? The focus is on own material from their debut album “Sungazer” from 2023. In addition, a few songs from the 2018 release “Bound to the Witch”, which was released under the Stormwitch banner, also get a place in the live set of Skull & Crossbones.